Welcome to Cambodian Overseas Support

Who we are / What we do

The “Cambodian Overseas Support” team was set up in early 2016 by a group of Cambodian students. Our main objective is to facilitate support among Cambodian students that study in all cities of Australia and New Zealand. The support includes:

  • Pre-departure to Australia and New Zealand
    • Providing assistance in applying for criminal record
    • Organizing pre-departure catch up with former students to share experiences
    • Liaising with the student support team in each city to arrange arrival pick-up and temporary accommodation
    • Arranging airport assistance in Phnom Penh
  • Arrival/living in Australia and New Zealand
    • Organizing arrival pick-up based on pre- arrangement
    • Providing advice on temporary and permanent accommodation selection/visits
    • Assisting Cambodian students for part-time jobs,
    • Facilitative services for passport extension with the Cambodian Embassy in Canberra
    • Organizing networking events among Cambodian students in all cities
  • Return to Cambodia
    • Arranging airport assistance on arrival in Phnom Penh
    • Facilitating custom clearance for student parcels/packages and shipment in Cambodia
    • Organizing re-union events

The support can be provided free of charge through a contact to the team members in each city. If you require any support, please contact us via our email: CamOverseas.S@gmail.com and we will engage you to the relevant city team.